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Angelina Next Image Credit: Look Magazine
Angelina Next Image Credit: Look Magazine

Angelina 'Next!'

It’s been a rocky start to the year, but Ange is sticking to her plan to put all the negativity of the past behind her…

Giselle Wainwright

Hanging out with her six children while spending time in California this week, Angelina Jolie looked to be in better spirits than we’ve seen in months. As Look previously reported, the 41-year-old’s been focusing on moving on with her personal life and career – and 2017 is finally shaping up to be the year she wants it to be.

We can’t help but think she deserves it after recent stresses, which have seen her undergoing preventative cancer surgery as well as splitting with Brad Pitt. But following a backlash from fans and former Hollywood stars, who appeared to side with Brad after their split, we’re told she’s moved on and is feeling positive. And it might just have something to do with the divorce battle moving onwards, her plans to stay in the UK, a big career boost and the new man she’s been talking to…


While Ange has been leaning on ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton and close friend Johnny Depp, our sources reveal that her current smiley exterior is all down to a fresh union with reported former fling Jared Leto, 45. ‘It’s all new to her,’ a pal reveals. ‘But spending time with someone she can trust has given her that confidence boost she’s needed. Jared’s a great guy and he’s really been a huge support to her.’

Not only that, but the two also have many shared philanthropic interests. I

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