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Angelina Im In Charge Now Image Credit: Look Magazine
Angelina Im In Charge Now Image Credit: Look Magazine

Angelina ‘I'm In Charge Now'

It’s been half a year since they announced their divorce. But as Angelina and Brad start speaking again, she’s the one driving it…

Lucy Devine

Can you believe it’s been nearly 200 days since 21 September 2016, the day Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from her husband Brad Pitt after 11 years together? But while most couples naturally handle a separation differently, it seems these two are polar opposites when it comes to dealing with the finalities of their divorce. Because only one half of Brangelina seems to be flourishing…

Yep, we’ve seen a lot of Ange recently. In the last month, the 41- year-old has racked up over 40,000 air miles jetting between the US, Cambodia, the UK and Switzerland. She’s taken part in TV interviews, launched a new fragrance for Guerlain and started her visiting professor role at the London School of Economics. But while Ange has been centre stage, Brad, 53, has stayed mostly off-radar. This week he was spotted holing up at an LA art studio, where he’s apparently spent a lot of time seeking respite while working on a secret sculpture project.

‘Angelina’s stepping up, signing up for movies, travelling the globe and mending alliances,’ says a source. ‘She’s focusing on jump-starting her career and moving on. But it seems like Brad’s finding it harder.’

As Look previously reported, Brad and Angelina w

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