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Angelinaback in Touch With Brad Image Credit: Look Magazine
Angelinaback in Touch With Brad Image Credit: Look Magazine

Angelina: Back in Touch With Brad?

Following their dramatic (and very public) split, are Brangelina about to reconcile?

Lucy Devine

Once upon a time, a young Angelina Jolie spoke affectionately about Brad Pitt. She called him ‘the best man’, the ‘best father’ and referred to him as ‘the closest person to me’. Fast-forward almost a decade and after a romance that seemed so strong, the pair split and are the midst of a dramatic divorce. But are they really over for good? According to our sources, the pair are back in touch and now Angelina’s having some major regrets.

‘Angelina’s had to be strong for the kids, but in the past two weeks she’s broken her self-imposed vow not to talk to Brad and they’ve been in touch through text,’ says our source. ‘She’s being really strong, but she’s been thinking about their split a lot and wondering if she was hasty.’

In fact, we’re told that while the two have been texting things have thawed so much they’re even planning a reunion next month.

On top of that, the couple’s children constantly talk about Brad, 53, and ask when they can see him more. It’s all built up to Angelina, 41, wanting to reach out to him.

‘Angelina misses him and the bond they used to share,’ says our source. ‘She’s pining for the love that they had in the early days of their romance. She’s starting to rethink things and she’s wondering if she made a mistake.’

The pair ended their relationship in September 2016 w

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