Weigh Loss Image Credit: Globe
Weigh Loss Image Credit: Globe

Stay Slim In Your 20s — Or Face Early Death!

Going heavy on the calories in your 20s might mean a shorter life span

People who are overweight during their 20s and 30s are more likely to die up to a decade earlier than those who stayed trim during their young adulthood, says researchers.

Scientists at Australia’s George Institute for Global Health and the University of Sydney analyzed health and statistical data to estimate the remaining life expectancy for individuals aged 20 to 69.

Though the experts discovered excess pounds were harmful to all age groups, they also determined being overweight shaved more years off the lives of folks ages 20 to 39.

And men have even more to lose than women!

Healthy guys and gals in their 20s can expect to live up to another 60 years. But obese women lose six of those years, while men say goodbye to eight! And young adults who are characterized as severely obese will likely see their lives slashed by eight to ten years, according to the study.

“We know that excess weight has an impact on your health, but to have excess weight as a young adult is really significant on life expectancy. We are talking about losing up to ten years of your life,” says lead author Thomas Lung.

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