Shape ofYou Image Credit: Filmfare
Shape ofYou Image Credit: Filmfare

Shape Of You

Suman Sharma gets to know the fitness mantras of the ever glamorous, every sexy Shilpa Shetty

Suman Sharma

Shilpa Shetty is one of the few actresses, who have seemingly stopped time. Marriage and motherhood have not been able to take away from her svelte silhouette. The glamour icon claims she owes her fitness and beauty to the magic of yoga. “Being an actress I’ve always strived to stay fit. After my weight training regime, I make it a point to do some asanas. It’s a great relaxation for the mind and body. Yoga inculcates a sense of discipline and self-control,” says the staunch yoga exponent, who has also released DVDs of the same in the past for the benefit of her fans. “The current generation of actors place a lot of importance on their figures and physiques. They might not know how to act but they never fail to go to the gym,” she says with candour adding, “In the movies, we may look glamorous and slim. Fans blindly try to copy that. But believe me, not many of us are actually fit from within. I hope some of my fans take to yoga as it’s the best way to stay healthy.”


She recalls her early tryst with the ancient discipline. “Few years ago, I suffered from cervical spondylitis. That’s when my physiotherapist asked me to practise yoga,” she says. “Also, my work made me travel a lot. The punishing schedules had be

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