Im In A Relationship Image Credit: Filmfare
Im In A Relationship Image Credit: Filmfare

I'm In A Relationship

Sooraj Pancholi Shows His Soft, Sentimental Side to Ashwini Deshmukh in a Heart-to-Heart Converstaion.

Ashwini Deshmukh

Sooraj Pancholi has left the storm behind. He’s fought the demons and is quietly moving towards living his dream. Not much has changed about him except that today he’s closer to his family. His loved ones, who stood strong by his side through testing times. The grace and confidence that has come along with numerous perils of surviving in B-town is evident in Sooraj’s personality now. Quieter than usual, he has definitely become wiser than his years. In no hurry to conquer the world, he’s taking his time to polish his talent. He’s that uncut diamond just out of the dark mine on his way to become a precious gem.

It’s been two years since Hero released and we haven’t seen the actor take on another film. He believes in taking it slow and steady. “Even Sonam (Kapoor) took two years to do her second film. Varun (Dhawan) took a year and a half; Tiger (Shroff) took a year,” he mentions. He wants to settle only for films that he feels confident about. “It’s been a long wait. I wouldn’t say a lot of films were offered to me. But yes, there were some offers. I didn’t feel convinced enough to do any of those films though. At times, I felt the script was too good for me. I wouldn’t have been able to do justice to it right now. Perhaps, a little later in my career,” he says with charming candour.

Right now, the young lad is busy concentrating

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