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Zhu Of A Kind Image Credit: 8 Days
Zhu Of A Kind Image Credit: 8 Days

Zhu Of A Kind

Zhu Houren and his son Joel Choo are starring opposite each other in a Ch 8 drama for the first time. But the veteran actor doesn’t want his son to “come running to me every time he needs help”. How's that for tough love?


Jocelyn Lee

We’re with Zhu Houren and his son Joel Choo at the wardrobe unit in Mediacorp where the actors are trying out different looks for their roles in new Ch 8 drama A Million Dollar Dream, which also stars Zoe Tay and Chen Hanwei.

Houren, 62, who plays two characters — a homeless man and his twin — in the drama, is now discussing something with the show’s executive producer. His 23-year-old son, who plays a happy-go-lucky poly student, seems a tad nervous when he notices us but his nerves disappear when his dad approaches him.

During our chat with the duo, Joel looks at his dad whenever he’s stumped by a question. And when he deliberates over an answer for too long, Houren would jump in and reply on his behalf. After all, daddy knows best, right?

Take for example this exchange: When we quiz Joel about his role, the newbie, who’s now a full-time artiste Mediacorp artiste, starts describing it in fluent English. Houren quickly interrupts, saying: “Speak in Mandarin.” He then turns to us and says: “His Mandarin is not good. This is his first Ch 8 drama so I want him to practise whenever he can. I even sent him for Mandarin lessons (smiles).”

Concurs Joel: “When we’re home, my dad would analyse the script together with me and we’d go over my dialogue. Practising with him helps me a lot.”

“I always tell him that he only has one dad,” continu

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