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Margaret Chan 67 Image Credit: 8 Days
Margaret Chan 67 Image Credit: 8 Days

Margaret Chan 67

The actress-turned-educator on her recent appearance on Meet the MP, surviving cancer, and being asked by strangers to say that famous “cockroach” line.

Jocelyn Lee

BEST KNOWN AS… the stage doyenne and former journalist/food critic who became a TV icon playing villainous matriarchs on shows like Ch 5’s first English soap Masters of the Sea, and the Ch 8 blockbuster The Golden Pillow. In 1996, she and her family moved to England when her husband was posted there. She took up post-graduate studies at the University of London before returning to Singapore in 2000. 

WHAT’S SHE UP TO LATELY: When she isn’t the Associate Professor of Theatre/Performance Studies at Singapore Management University, she still finds time to act on stage and on TV. She recently appeared on the Aaron Aziz sitcom Meet the MP as a neighbour embroiled in a haunting incident.

8 DAYS: We recently saw you as a guest star on Meet the MP. It’s been a while since you’ve been on the small screen, hasn’t it? 

MARGARET CHAN: Well, I want to do a lot more, but nobody wants me, that’s all (laughs). I’m working fulltime as a professor [at the Singapore Management University] now, so I can only shoot at certain timings. I had a lot of fun filming Meet the MP as the director was very good, and that made all the difference. There was a scene where I had to dress up as a Pontianak and be seen floating. I was told that I had to stand on a hoverboard and that wa

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