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Crocheting Is Darn Cool Image Credit: 8 Days
Crocheting Is Darn Cool Image Credit: 8 Days

Crocheting Is Darn Cool

It’s not just for aunties and grannies — crocheting and knitting are now all the rage.Dreadlocked crochet artist and graphic designer.

Jocelyn Lee

It’s hard to miss Kelly Lim on the streets. With multicoloured yarn braided into her dreadlocks and her eclectic dressing, the eye-catching 26-yearold stands out in the crowd. Not that she minds. The affable gal tells us that she is used to stares from passersby, especially in Singapore. “Curious stares are okay. I mean, my hair is like this — it’s hard for people not to stare,” she laughs. “But I also get judgmental stares. Sometimes people look at me disapprovingly when I’ve done nothing wrong. That’s when I feel maligned.”

Kelly, who sells her handmade knit toys and jewellery on her website www.kllylmrck.com, was recently appointed as one of six personalities to front Puma’s ‘Run the Street’ campaign in Singapore, alongside rapper Shigga Shay and hawkerpreneur Douglas Ng, among others. We brave curious stares and sit down with Kelly at a cafe to talk about her love for crocheting... and her dreads.

8 DAYS: People associate crocheting and knitting with aunties and grannies. It’s rare to see a youngster like you so passionate about them.

KELLY LIM: I picked it up when I was seven. I followed my mum to her crocheting classes after school and that was how I got hooked. I found it so fascinating that I could make many different things just by doing stitches with a ball of yarn. Crocheting is so complex and challenging — that makes it a

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