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What other low hanging fruit is available to the modern transport operator that compares with the savings that can be generated by real time monitoring of tyres? Give the humble tyre that supports the loads you impose the only thing it requires to perform for your gain -- the appropriate level of inflation. It is only air, it costs little and provides far greater returns than any other “improvement”

Today’s newswires report large destruction of an oil producing facility which is touted to spike oil prices. Reports are suggesting that possibly 5% of the global crude oil production may be affected in this recent attack. Oil prices are tipped to rise.

This event directly affects our industries. All the supplies required for the rubber industry are closely tied to tyres. The transport of raw materials to the manufacturing plants, even the mining of the minerals and production of the latex raw rubber, depends upon the humble tyre. When we think about the finished products we produce, they are all delivered in containers, transported to the ports or rails heads on tyres. Even the steel containers are derived from iron ore mined generally by rubber tyred machines. The energy required to power the manufacturing plants may be derived from thermal coal, oil or gas or a combination of all.

In past columns I’ve written about reduction of waste, of improving the use of our resources with my prime area of interest being tyres, of course.

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November-December 2019