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Ride To Rejuvenate Image Credit: Outlook Business
Ride To Rejuvenate Image Credit: Outlook Business

Ride To Rejuvenate

Tesco Bengaluru’s Glen Attewell Has Found A Trusted Companion And Stress Buster In His Bicycle.

Madhuri Rao

Open lake, a view of golden lea where crops are ripe for harvest, the beauty of an old rustic hut along the side of the road; the curious gaze of onlookers while passing through each village and the much-loved weather in Bengaluru. These have been the constant companions for Glen Attewell, CEO, Tesco Bengaluru.

“The beautiful fields and the trees along the way make my day. It’s just fantastic!” describes the 57-year-old cycling enthusiast.

He recalls how it all started. “When I used to play football, I used to cycle regularly as part of my training,” he reminisces. What started as a simple exercise to boost the stamina while playing football later became the sport of his choice.

Since he suffered a lot of knee injuries while playing football, he decided to choose an alternative fitness regime. “I had to choose something to replace football. I could have chosen swimming, since I was practicing it for a long time. But I made a conscious decision to choose cycling,” says Attewell joyfully.

A British colleague at Bengaluru helped him to pursue his passion for the first time when they went around nearby villages, cycling. “People coming from outside India say that there are no rules in traffic. But there are rules here. I was also chased by dogs twice,” recalls Attewell about his first cycling experience in the city. Since then, he has been discovering new places almost every Sunday for the past three

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