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Top 10 Most Expensive Resorts In The World!
Top 10 Most Expensive Resorts In The World!

When it comes to vacations, all you want to do is soak up in the luxuries of your lavish hotel or resort and spend all your time in enjoying these pleasures in life. These luxurious hotels not only offer the best and world-class services but also magnificent ambience which makes the whole experience out of this world. These resorts give you a very peaceful and serene atmosphere amalgamated with a royal luxury which the kings and queens enjoyed in the olden times.

Here are top 10 most expensive resorts in the world which are providing intuitive services and luxurious experiences that can truly make a grand vacation:

1 Hotel President Wilson: (US $65000)

Located in the most scenic as well as one of the richest countries in the world Geneva, Switzerland, the hotel was built in 1962 on the name of the 28th president of Unites States Woodrow Wilson. The hotel offers highclass services which are truly impressive. The hotel has an indoor pool, a golf course, and luxurious bathrooms with marble washrooms. The hotel’s lavish lifestyle attracts a lot of people to at least stay one night. The cost per night is $65000 and hence is not affordable for everyone.

2 TY Warner Penthouse, Four Season Hotel: (US $45000)

Located in New York, this hotel is classified under the most expensive hotel in the world. One night cost is $45000 and is the ideal hotel to spend a peaceful time. The hotel is designed with modern art by architects I.M. Pei and Frank Williams in 1993. Post its completion, this hotel was sold to TY Warner in 1999 who changed the design and who made this hotel the crown jewel of New York. The hotel is the tallest, classiest and stylish property in the world. Offering a royal and uber living standard, the hotel is filled with luxurious multiple bedrooms, glass balconies and floor to roof windows which give a 360 degree breathtaking view of the whole Manhattan.

3 Raj Palace Hotel: (US $43000)

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