Confidently Build Your Business During COVID-19
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Confidently Build Your Business During COVID-19
Six Steps to Help You Grow and Thrive
Carla Williams Johnson

I read somewhere that if 2020 were a drink that it would be vodka in a water bottle, when you’re expecting it to be water. Could you imagine? You started out the year with so much hope and promise and then, somewhere along the lines you feel like you’re getting hit from all sides. Covid-19 has done quite a number of us, making us feel like we’ve somehow entered into the “twilight zone” *cue eerie music here*.

For some of us, it has been a disaster of titanic proportions. Throw in politics and protests, and it seems like you can’t catch a break. For others, however, this has been the most epic roller coaster ride of their lives! They’ve never been so visible or have made so many connections in their business before. This is because the pandemic has forced them to make significant changes in the way they show up and market themselves, and boy have they been killing it in their businesses.

Now if you fall in the latter: Congrats, keep doing what you’re doing and making that impact; however, if you’re one of those who only just started and are still trying to figure things out then no worries, I’ve got you. Here are six super simple steps to help you grow and thrive, even during this pandemic.

1: Get to Know Your Target Inside Out

I say this over and over again to all my community, your audience is everything, so you need to know everything about them. There is no possible way you can be everything to everybody, you have to get specific so let’s look at a few things:

Demographics: These are things like the age, gender, income status, etc.

Psychographics: What are their values or what do they believe in?

Behavior Patterns: What do they like to do in their free time?

Understanding these will tell you who they are, where you need to be, and when will be best to connect with them.

2: Have an End Goal in Mind

While I understand that your goal is to ultimately make money, there’s a process to all of it. What I mean is that what you do may be slightly different depending on what phase you are in business and what you’ll actually be promoting.

So, ask yourself, what is the purpose of advertising? Are you launching a new product, or have you been around a while and you’re focused on building brand awareness? Maybe you’re having an event and your end goal is to fill the room (virtually of course...we can’t be too careful during this pandemic). My point is that you’ve got to get very specific as to your objectives. Understand how much money you would like to make, how many tickets you would like to sell for the event, or how many units you’d like to sell by a specific date. This will not only help you craftyour copy and content to suit, but working backwards it can help you figure out when you should begin promoting and how much you will need to charge to reach your goal. Remember, strategy is key.

3: Identify What Has Worked for You in the Past


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Fall 2020