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Harpreet Singh Grover

Started almost a decade ago by Harpreet Singh Grover and Vibhore Goyal, CoCubes has well created a mark in the hiring and assessment ecosystem. The CoCubes’ business,which has prominent verticals of corporate, college and vocational assessments, has conducted over two million assessments for 600 clients across 350 cities. Harpreet Singh Grover, the Co-Founder & CEO, CoCubes shares more about his assessment and skilling India plans, how equipped is his company to create assessments that directly tie in with current and future employability with greater returns…

Give us an overview of CoCubes-business and its contribution in skilling India.

As a hiring and assessment company, the foremost strategy is to connect employers with candidates. When we started, we observed, it was about making the connection alone and we thought that is important. Subsequently, in 2011 we realized that connection Alone does not help. What matters ultimately is to figure out what competency the company would need to hire people and what competency people need to have.

Talking about the assessment practices, online assessments are the common practice. We bought a technology assessment company and started doing assessments online. That was a very big change for us. A greater responsibility came, as we need to measure the skills properly, we need to measure for a particular job in lines of what skill is required, and we also need to be able to back both of them.

We do skill measurements for 600 corporates pan India, including the largest IT companies, automobile companies, for all of whom, CoCubes hires candidates. Hiring, followed by a strong skill assessment practice of CoCubes helps setting a benchmark for the skills.

Then as the third step, in the last 2 and half years, we are associated with the government initiatives and Skill India to develop online and physical vocational skills.

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February 2017