In Good Company Image Credit: Forbes
In Good Company Image Credit: Forbes

In Good Company

Empowering Today’s Female Millennials to Become Tomorrow’s CEOs

Lynthia Romney

The good news for U.S. corporations and financial institutions today is that Millennial women— hailing from the best-educated and most ambitious generation of our time—are filling the pipelines and rising in the ranks. For companies seeking to boost the number of women in the C-suite, this appears to be a tipping-point moment. The winners in the race for Millennial talent will be those who can offer substantive opportunities to a mobile generation, and the skills, mentoring and experience they need to succeed.

The FWA: Paving the Way

At the forefront of the campaign to enhance women’s business success is the Financial Women’s Association of New York (FWA), founded in 1956 by a group of female pioneers on Wall Street. The FWA offers its 1,000 members a rich array of professional development programs all along the career continuum. It has enhanced the role of women in finance with long-standing high school and college mentoring programs; recent innovations such as the Pacesetter leadership development and mentoring program for Millennials; and the Back2Business initiative, which provides a pathway for those who took a hiatus from the workforce for personal reasons but wish to restart and reestablish their careers.

The case for retaining and advancing female Millennials is bolstered by their education and ambitions. About 36% of women at hiring ages of 25-34 have a bachelor’s d

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