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Warning Flammable Content Image Credit: Forbes Africa
Warning Flammable Content Image Credit: Forbes Africa

Warning: Flammable Content

Not content with selling electric cars or venturing into space, Pretoria-born billionaire Elon Musk sold $10-million worth of flamethrowers in four days.

Nafisa Akabor

When Elon Musk says something crazy, which admittedly is quite often, the whole world pays attention. He is known as a disruptive innovator and has impacted the motoring, solar, and space industries.

The goals for his three primary companies Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity revolve around his vision to change the world, and humanity. As if one man hasn’t done enough, you probably also know him from PayPal, OpenAI, and Neuralink.

When this one-of-a-kind inventor, engineer, investor and entrepreneur isn’t making the world a better place, he enjoys having a bit of fun through one of his side ventures, an infrastructure and construction business called The Boring Company.

Musk first teased fans about selling a flamethrower via social media in December last year, once The Boring Company had sold out on its limited edition 50,000 hats that were sold for $20 each. A month later, and $1 million in revenue from the hats, the flamethrower became available for pre-order on the company’s website at $500 a pop, which Musk said is “guaranteed to liven up any party.”

The 46-year-old billionaire, listed by FORBES as the 80th richest person in the world with his $21.1-billion fortune, took to Twitter to inform fans who may be concerned about the dangers that the flamethrower has a flame shorter than 10-feet, and is “A-ok” according to the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,

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