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Two Themes will Drive Cloud Transformation Success in 2020
Here we are, once again, at the turn of the year. Ahead lies a new decade to look forward to! With more innovation within enterprises, fuelling new waves of disruptive transformation!
Kishore P. Durg

The cloud will lie at the heart of this transformation by enabling agility and efficiency within organisations. However, before the cloud can deliver on this promise, there are two key challenges that businesses must overcome. Turning these challenges into opportunities will absolutely be key to cloud success in 2020 and beyond.

#1: Businesses will look to simplify cloud adoption

One of the barriers to effective cloud deployments today is the overabundance of choice. Enterprises must decide between public, private or hybrid approaches and select from an overwhelming number of platforms, application and managed service providers – each one extolling the virtues of their services above all others’.

While this means businesses can create highly tailored solutions for their business aims, it also makes cloud management highly complex. In the worst cases, this complexity can paralyze decision-making and stall cloud projects. It can also mean businesses fail to realize full value from their cloud investments. A recent Accenture study showed that two-thirds of global businesses have not seen the benefits they expected from the cloud.

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