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Top Technology Trends In Diagnostics For 2020
Top Technology Trends In Diagnostics For 2020
India’s fast-growing population and it’s improving demographic dividend, while seen as an asset in many ways, will pose a significant strain on our existing healthcare structure
Zoya Brar

The prevailing situation of the healthcare landscape, including the lack of necessary medical facilities and inaccessibility of medical professionals, will make delivery of seamless healthcare services in the coming years more difficult. There is an imperative for innovation and advanced technology to bring about a balance between supply and demand within the healthcare industry.

Over the last few years, deep technology penetration has already improved the quality of healthcare services in the country. However, healthcare facilities remain inaccessible to a vast majority. As per the India Life Sciences Report 2019, the current state of the healthcare industry is extremely challenging, with a deficit of 6 lakh doctors and 2 million nurses. In addition to this, affordability and infrastructure are other critical issues.

Personalised and Patient-centric approach

The healthcare industry generates an enormous amount of data every day in the form of patient care records, prescriptions, diagnostic tests, insurance claims, and equipment-generated data based on monitoring vital signs and medical research. But, the question that arises is – what will the data contribute in the long run?

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December 2019