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Three Es Of Smart Infrastructure For Smart cities
Three Es Of Smart Infrastructure For Smart cities
We predict that a demand for simplicity and customisability will be the number-one factor driving IT purchasing decisions in 2020
Gururaj Nayak

In popular culture, smart cities are often perceived as unrecognizable cities with sky touching buildings and air cars navigating on virtual roads. In reality, a smart city is one that uses technology to improve and transform the lives of its citizens, while minimising the digital divide and encouraging businesses to innovate. These cities put their citizens - the ultimate customers of city services - first and find ways for successful collaboration between citizens and the public and private sector.

Let’s take a look at the three Es of digital infrastructure for smart cities.


Imagine a world where one leaves for work and the car automatically directs itself to one’s destination based on the phone calendar. On top of that, the car reroutes to a shorter route considering the traffic and even drops a message to the office, in case one runs late. This is the hyper-connected world of smart infrastructure where machines talk to machines.

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January 2020