Wedding Affair|February - March 2020

Tiny beads of sweat roll down your curvy bodice as you finish off the last few sips of your wine, hand gently grazing each other’s bodies. You both know what’s going to happen next. But doing it the right way is crucial to the ‘climax’ because what precedes the main course has the power to increase or diminish your appetite. But also, looking at foreplay as an appetizer and not a meal of its own can make it seem like it’s less important than an orgasm via vaginal or anal intercourse.

The Art Of Foreplay

Foreplay, as we commonly call it, involves anything and everything that two lovers do before sex. It can include making out, caressing each other in spoon position, sensuous neck smooches, oral sex, fingering, spanking, humping, dirty talk, back massages, or even just a quick text detailing regarding what you want to do to them. Foreplay is all about playing with each other’s sensual side.

Why Foreplay?

Foreplay is especially important for women to feel excited and turned on enough to enjoy penetrative sex, as compared to jumping straight into the act. Lovemaking without any prior sensuous gesture can feel boring, uncomfortable and even painful. Even a quickie should be preceded with some kind of foreplay for it to be fun for both the people involved. It’s very important to make each other feel desired, otherwise the act will end shortly.

As Carol Queen, staff sexologist at the adult toy store Good Vibrations, rightly explains, “ Think of foreplay as the activities that are most likely to build up arousal, however they culminate. Sex doesn’t have to be a linear experience starting with a kiss and ending up with intercourse.”

What Counts As Foreplay?

There is no hard and fast rule for foreplay as long as consent is involved. For example, if oral sex is the main attraction, then the touching and rubbing that will lead up to it will provide the arousal you may require. Any activity that gets a person “aroused enough to have fun with the other stuff” is foreplay, according to Queen.

Nibbling the earlobes, sucking and biting someone’s neck, licking and sucking nipples, french kissing, caressing and squeezing breasts, stroking the penis or clitoris, licking and kissing an anus, lightly caressing someone all over their body, fingering a vagina or anus, spanking someone’s ass, playing with testicles or complimenting.

The Required ‘Tools’


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February - March 2020