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Importance Of Financial Goals In Marriage

We sat down with Mr Joseph Tan from Acquity Asia to discuss the importance of having financial goals in marriage.

A successful marriage is best achieved with a strong and trusting relationship with your spouse, but building the life you wish to have with your partner involves much planning and consideration, especially when it comes to finances. Thus, we spoke to Mr Joseph Tan from Acquity Asia to have him share his insights on how couples can more easily achieve their #FinancialGoals.

How important is it to set financial goals, and what are the consequences when a couple fails to do so?

Setting financial goals is only second to setting relationship goals; without a relationship with similar values, no meaningful financial goals will ever be agreed upon. Financial goals serve as a platform for a couple to have something to build together. It brings people closer and motivates people to live with a purpose and direction.

When a couple has no common financial goals, one person may take the other for granted and there might be resentment in feeling unequal in financial contributions. Each person in a relationship has a specific function when it concerns financial contributions. If specific goals are not determined, there might be a chance where the couple may blame each other for not fulfilling the financial goals.

What are some common financial goals that brides- and grooms-to-be or newly-married couples set?

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