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The Reef Street Rod Club Image Credit: SA Hot Rods
The Reef Street Rod Club Image Credit: SA Hot Rods

The Reef Street Rod Club

1972 – the year of bellbottoms, polyester, The Godfather, The Poseidon Adventure, Don McLean’s American Pie, bright colours and the start of The Reef Street Rod Club.

Angela Corbett

It all started when a couple of car enthusiasts decided it would be great to get guys together that shared their interest in cars and particularly “hot rods”, as it they were called in the day. Friends Chris Saunders, Peter Jackson and Harry and Dave Corbett (second generation rodders) came together and founded the Club.


The idea behind a club being the pooling of enthusiasts with knowledge pertaining to body work - chopping/ channeling/spray painting as well as the technical side - chassis/suspension set ups, engine and diffinstallations

The “Reef” part of the name was derived from the area, The Witwatersrand, which included the towns from Nigel in the east to Randfontein in the west, Vereeniging in the south and Pretoria in the north.

“Street Rod” was chosen as it needed to differentiate between the “Hotrod” circle track movement and those “Hotrods” that would be driven on the roads, as both these movements typically made use of 3 and 5 window bodies.

Peter had already started building a street rod when the club was founded. Packard and Lincoln Zephyr gearboxes and Oldsmobile differentials were prime street rod material back in the day. It was on one of many part hunting excursions that Dave and Harry came upon a ’34 5 window body that was to become their project and one of the first Street Rods in the club.

The first rods in the club were: Henry Marx’s 1928 &

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