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Muscle Tussle Image Credit: Car India
Muscle Tussle Image Credit: Car India

Muscle Tussle

Japan versus America, Toyota v Ford, Endeavour v Fortuner. Who will wade through tough waters to claim SUV supremacy? We find out.

Ravi Chandnani

THE JAPANESE ARE CHALLENGING THE Americans once again and this time the battle will be fought on Indian tarmac and off it. Let us witness an epic duel between two giants of the Indian SUV scene. They are butch, muscular and, most importantly, highly intimidating in stance. The new Ford Endeavour has been in the market for a year now but the newcomer, the Toyota Fortuner, has challenged it for SUV supremacy. Let the battle begin.

Being just a year old, the Endeavour already looks a bit dated as compared to its counterpart from Japan, the Fortuner. Both these SUVs boast of massive proportions; however, it’s the sharp and striking design of the Fortuner that gives it a more contemporary look. Toyota’s new design language speaks volumes about the brand’s modern-day thinking. The Endeavour just looks big and butch. I personally prefer the design of the Fortuner because of those sharp and muscular creases and lines. It appeals to a much wider audience. The Ford, on the other hand, seems to be more appealing to people who are only concerned about gigantic proportions. But then looks are subjective, so take your pick.

Both the SUVs are now ready to draw their second weapon: the interior. Let’s start with the Ford. The Endeavour has a better looking interior than the previous generation model; however, comparing it with the Toyota reveals that the Fortuner takes the game ahead in terms of pure cabin design. Because, just like the exterior, it seems that there is a lot of thought put into designing the cabin of the Fortuner. It’s contemporary, has leather, brushed aluminium and wood trim and a symmetrical centre console. These elements g

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