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Gavin Green Image Credit: Car India
Gavin Green Image Credit: Car India

Gavin Green

‘The jobs at the heart of today’s car industry will go the same way as boatswains and wainwrights’

TOMORROW’S CARS WILL BE ‘iPhones on wheels’. Honestly, if I hear another car company boss say that I swear I’ll stick a Tumblr up his YouTube and he’ll no longer be my Facebook friend.

Car chiefs today are obsessed by connectivity. I hear more today at car press conferences about phoning friends, voice-activated messaging, streaming music, sat-nav and apps than I do about engines, handling and ride quality. The headline ‘innovation’ for the new Citroën C3 was its connected camera. Those great old DS engineers would be spinning in their hydro-pneumatic graves.

It is partly because car companies have been rubbish at connectivity for years. They are also desperate to woo millennials, who apparently have to be continually connected to lead fulfilling lives, and are about as interested in cars as Homer Simpson is in an evening jog.

So that means on-board Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 24/7 connectivity, etc. With all this going on, goodness knows how anyone is going to be able to concentrate on driving. I fear, with this new breed of fully connected cars drivers will become like many of today’s pedestrians, walking around fixated by their screens, paying no attention to where they’re going, immune from the outside world, smartphone sleepwalkers turned into driving zombies.

Our phones may be smart but people are getting stupid. When permanently connected to the internet, we are disconnected from each other. Th

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