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Breave Heart Viking Image Credit: Car India
Breave Heart Viking Image Credit: Car India

Breave Heart Viking

Volvo’s S60 Polestar has a lot more than what meets the eye


Ravi Chandnani

BIG AND MIGHTY WITH A brave warrior’s heart. Well, that’s a Viking for you and me; however, these colossal human beings from centuries ago were also kind, gentle and loving people. And there is no other company in the automotive world that helps us envisage that side than Volvo. The Swedish car-makers, known for being the flag-bearer of safety technology in the magical world of cars, also have a side we Indians are not quite familiar with. And that is their wild side; the Polestar side. These Swedes come up with unique, and often crazy, cars that are capable of surprising the inner child and bring a massive grin on anybody’s face. This time, on their 90th Anniversary, they have launched a car with qualities that are often not associated with Volvo by the general people, although these qualities are very much an integral part of Volvo. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Volvo S60 Polestar.

This little sedan may not look intimidating at all but it’s the heart of this car that has the potential to leave you awestruck. So to experience this new Viking from Sweden, we headed to the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore for a morning filled with entry/exit speeds, hitting the apexes and nailing that throttle hard.

The weather in Coimbatore was ideal for a nice track-day, the ambient temperature not being too hot. As I walked towards the pits, the sight of a Rebel Blue, the trademark Polestar shade, S60 Polestar was simply amazing. As I move

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