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Lotus Returns
Lotus’ first new model in 11 years is electric, crazy, and everything we’ve always wanted.
Jonathan Musk

Back in the 80’s, like many others my bedroom wall was plastered in supercar pictures. For me, the Buick Wildcat 1985 concept car represented what all cars should have been. I was only two years old when the original concept was revealed, but by the time I was nearing my first decade, the Wildcat still looked as fresh as it did the first day it was revealed. It was stunning, sleek, and timeless. Even though more than 30 years have passed since its unveil, in my eyes it’s still a show stopper, even today. For me it was the Wildcat, but for others it was Countach, Testarossa or other unpronounceable exotic.

So, what do today’s kids have to lust over on their walls? While once upon a time supercars were the reserve of poster art, arguably there has been more innovation in less exotic car sectors, such as 2013’s BMW i3 hatchback that still looks fresh, unique and different six years on, or how about the oddball Renault Wind, smart roadster, or Toyota IQ – cars that dared avoid convention but that probably adorned very few walls.

I’m pleased to report that the hypercar is back and that electrification has given designers the excuse they needed to take a step into the unknown. They’ve been unleashed of the internal combustion engine’s constraints and are now finally free once more to re-write the car design rule books.

The Lotus Evija (pronounced ‘Ev-eye-ah’) demonstrates this beautifully. Being a Lotus, it has the right pedigree, although it’s not without irony that the funding money has come from Chinese automotive giant Geely.

Nevertheless, while the money may be Chinese, the new Lotus is very much the petite but perfectly formed Norfolkbased car the company is famous for.

Lotus isn’t as new to electric power as you might at first think, but the last new car to come from the firm was 2008’s Evora. Therefore, the company turned to Autovolt regular, Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) and announced a partnership in January 2019 to collaborate on “advanced propulsion technologies”.

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