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Mercedes EQ C SUV Electric Car Mercedes Car Image Credit: Auto Express
Mercedes EQ C SUV Electric Car Mercedes Car Image Credit: Auto Express

Mercedes' EQ C - The Electric SUV

We ride in groundbreaking EV 4X4 ahead of  2019 launch.

Kyle Fortune

We rode around the block in the concept vehicle a year ago (Issue 1,473), but now Mercedes’ first full-electric EQ model is undergoing final testing.

We’re sitting alongside chief engineer Michael Keltz in a pre-production vehicle being driven in heavy disguise. The EQ C SUV will reach showrooms in 2019.

Inside, it feels as spacious as Merc’s regular GLC, but with a slightly lower roof. Despite being covered in cloth, it’s impossible to miss the large dual screen set-up and MBUX infotainment system. Boot space looks good, too.

With a battery under the floor, the wiring loom is housed in the transmission tunnel. The car shares its platform with the diesel GLC, which means it can be built on the same line.

Keltz tells us the battery accounts for about 25 per cent of the EQ C’s weight. While he won’t say what that equates to, he doesn’t deny his engineers have had to work hard to manage the bulk.

Where there are challenges, there have also been opportunities; the EQ C’s tech enables new functionality. The ESP system can work directly on the electric motors, for example, using what Keltz calls “micro torque management” to aid the safety systems, which are now quicker and less intrusive.

That it’s quiet is no surprise, but the development team has worked exhaustively to remove any trace of electrical noises. Even by EV standards, the EQ C is eerily silent. There&rsquo

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