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Ghosts Of Ghan Town Image Credit: TAKE on art
Ghosts Of Ghan Town Image Credit: TAKE on art

Ghosts Of Ghan-Town

Landing gracefully on a rock, the camel tucked in its wings And wondered if this was perhaps Miryam Springs? This parched and desolate landscape was not what he hoped to find What of the flourishing settlement he had once left behind?


Meera Menezes

Journeying through the wormhole was not for the faint-hearted Willis had summoned all his courage before they departed But Rajah was made of sterner stuff; he was of Afghan stock. Navigating the galaxies had come as easily as clambering a rock.


Had he not made a dramatic voyage some centuries before As the currents of Empire had ferried him to an Australian shore He had trekked through the great Outback, carrying water and supplies Egged on by Afghan cameleers, he heard their harried cries.

Those were heady times in Australia, with the Great Rush for Gold When none could match the tenacity of the Afghan beasts it be told Turbaned men dotted the landscape; the breezes carried a whiff of curry And in the Ghan-town mosque nearby, prayers rang out in Pashto and Dari

But one day a dervish whirlwind sucked and flung them into space He and Willis sprouted wings as a path they sought to trace Setting course for a Red Planet, it reminded them of home A few light years flitted by, till nostalgia beckoned them to roam

As the winds tickled his ears and whispered “Rajah has returned” The past flashed forward and the tide appeared to have turned Where once he was a proud member of a cosmopolitan camel band Today they were aliens in a ravaged, denuded land.

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