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Stopping A Jumping Dog

We have a purebred Lab, she is almost two and her name is Bella. She is very friendly and sometimes she can be very obnoxious to people and other dogs. We try the commands sit, stay, wait and even try holding her back when it comes to other people. When she is jumping all over people we usually tell her to sit and stay but when she sees people she totally puts her blinders on and won’t listen.

Kanwaljeet Singh

It sounds like you have a very enthusiastic greeter! Labs are often full of energy and they may be quite boisterous sometimes in their happy displays. You are on the right path in trying to get her to obey the commands sit,stay and wait, but these commands seem to go in one ear and out the other, don’t they? Your description of her wearing blinders is quite close to what she may be truly going through. In the dog training world there’s a term: “being over threshold.” What does this mean? It means that a dog is at a point where there’s little place for learning going on. Usually the term is used for dogs who are fearful or aggressive, but in my opinion, it can also fit dogs who are overly enthusiastic. For sake of a comparison, imagine being a big fan of a famous actor or rock star. One day this rock star is walking by your home and giving out free autographs. You notice the rock star and rush over to get an authograph as well, when a family member says: “wait, where are you going, your dinner is going to get cold!” Most likely, you barely hear these comments as you are so excited and eager to get your autograph!

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