A2 Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Magazine - Spring 2017 - Issue 23

Publisher: LeWeb Media PTY Ltd
Category: Health, Women's Interest
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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Welcome to the third print edition of A2 Magazine in 2017. As always, we bring out four print magazine issues a year, one at the beginning of each season; March (autumn), June (winter), September (spring) and December (summer). In this September / Spring Issue… • How to reshape your jawline without surgery by Dr Anushka Reddy. • The power of the brow explains why microblading is rapidly becoming the must-have beauty procedure for brows by Samantha Divaris. • Rejuvenation vs Alteration - Dr Alistair McAlpine advises on treatments and protocols to ensure natural results. • The Bio-Nutri Lift Effect - Dr Maxence Caillens reports on a treatment that is aimed to improve skin quality and texture, while boosting its natural radiance. • Sticking to a skin routine: the essential ingredient to beautiful skin by Ingrid Katz. • Men & Melanoma - Malignant melanoma in men have spiraled in the last decade – so much that the rate of increase is six times higher than in women. • Improving the healing process - the use of specialised recovery skincare products will help prepare the skin and body for faster healing from traumatic events by Prof Lester M Davids, PhD. • Inflammation: no quick fix for pigmentation by Dr Burt Jooste. • Breast Before Date - Dr Nerina Wilkinson reports on the risks of ignoring your implant shelf-life. • An outline of neck contouring – how refining the neck contour can dramatically improve one’s appearance by Amori Struwig and Dr Dehan Struwig. • The smile make-over - fusing facial aesthetics with cosmetic treatments by Dr Zak Schabort. • Nutrigenetics and DNA Testing - the science behind nutritional anti-ageing by Rochez O’ Grady. And so much more!

A2 Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Magazine, your South African go-to magazine dedicated to aesthetics, anti-ageing, integrative medicine, medical skincare, cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery. We are the pit stop for our aesthetically minded readers who are already on, or about to embark on their aesthetic journey. We print only four magazines each year - one in March (Autumn), June (Winter), September (Spring) and December (Summer). In addition to covering all the latest local and international news on the aesthetic and cosmetic front, we also have an extensive range of highly accredited and reputable medical professionals on our panels – all here to help you make an informed decision on your aesthetic journey.

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