A2 Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing TRADE Magazine - Issue 4 - June 2019

Publisher: LeWeb Media PTY Ltd
Category: Business, Health
Language: English
Frequency : Yearly

A2 Trade Magazine is a trade-only magazine for those in the medical and professional aesthetic industry. A2 Trade is only printed once a year and released in the month of May. All feature content is focused on all the latest innovations, techniques and trends in the aesthetics/ cosmetics industry, for the sole purpose of educating and informing all medical professionals in this field, as well as therapists focusing on skin treatments. We therefore source topic ideas from various local congresses (based on lectures given by the doctors), news from various plastic and aesthetic associations – as well as updates from international workshops and topic suggestions from the physicians on our expert panel. 

Welcome to the annual A2 TRADE Magazine for 2019. This magazine is created for the medical and professional aesthetic industry (not available to the consumer/patient). All feature content is focused on the latest innovations, techniques and trends in the South African aesthetics industry, for the sole purpose of educating and informing medical professionals in this field. In this issue: • Training and frontline staff - valuable tips on how to successfully build your brand as an aesthetic practice. • Your beauty business growth tool - how diagnostic equipment can boost your business. • IV Nutrient Therapy: how to administer IV therapy responsibly and safely. • Ethics in aesthetics - as exciting as a new career in aesthetics medicine may be, it is essential for doctors to practice with the four ethical principles as their guideline. • Full disclosure disclaimers and medical aesthetic influencers. • Treating the tear trough – winning the battle against under-eye circles. • Lower face rejuvenation with HA fillers - using a comprehensive range of HA fillers that are well suited for this region. • Can weight loss help influence better outcomes in diabetes? By losing weight, patients with type 2 diabetes can recover and maintain control over blood glucose concentrations. • Repairing ageing skin: a potential life-saver, the latest study on ageing skin repair, while explaining the implications. • The power of platelets compels you - the use of PRP therapy in aesthetic dermatology. • A first-line therapy for external genital warts - a look at a topical treatment that patients can use in the comfort of their own home post-consultation with their doctor. • When to put down the scalpel - at what point do senior surgeons decide it is time to bow out gracefully? • The four hotlines - addressing male aesthetics. • The single dark tooth - how to treat the discolouration of a single tooth with vital bleaching. • The rise of Artificial Intelligence in dentistry.

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