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A true sportsman shows respect and fairness. ‘True’ means NOT FALSE, REAL, SINCERE, HAVING THE NECESSARY QUALITIES and being ACCURATE. Inspired by exciting hunting stories and information about the right skills, tools, gear and game species at top hunting destinations, the primary goal of AFRICA’S SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE is to promote Africa as a hunting destination of choice to the true sportsman. For every hunter that has had the privilege of feeling the African sun on his skin, the balanced content of every quarterly edition will confirm the unique African experience imprinted on his mind. As he prepares to return to Africa with his family, he – and the hunter who still has to experience Africa’s hospitality, spectacular nature and the quarry on offer – will find world-class hunting stories and informative articles to prepare them for their next adventure. Information about wildlife, outdoor activities and conservation will appeal to a broad cross-section of enthusiasts, promoting not only tourism but also sustainable and legal hunting in Africa.