Lara - Mayo 2014

Publisher: Lara
Category: Women's Interest
Language: Spanish
Frequency : Half-yearly

Educar hijos resilientes MODA LÚMINA 8 DIA DE LA MADRE Madre hay una sola VÍNCULOS Ariel Gold FOTOREPORTAJE Lucía Lin HISTORIA DE VIDA Immaculée Ilibagiza MUNDIAL 2014 Vivirlo para contarlo ENTREVISTA Mónica Zanocchi INTERIORES Marian Caviglia MODA DRESSCODE Fernando Picón MODA: Moweek otoño- invierno 2014 IDENTIKIT Diego Ruete

LARA Magazine is a comic book style storytelling with live actors instead of cartoons, but the concept is the same; enjoying the flow of a good story with intriguing characters and visual artistry from start to finish. This Photainment (Photo Entertainment), also known as Photo-Romance is forging an unexplored path down the long road of the entertainment industry.

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