i9Speak - January - February 2016

Publisher: i9Speak
Category: Technology
Language: English
Frequency : 10 Issues/Year

I9Speak is an online insurance technology magazine for North America, focused on insurance software, its trends, and new technologies. As you are aware, technology is impacting insurance profoundly. Developments like data analytics, cloud computing, modeling techniques, insurance telematics, and social media are changing the way insurance products are developed and sold. With technology, companies have new opportunities to strengthen underwriting and risk management, reduce claims fraud, increase competitive differentiation, and so on. Our aim is to share ideas and thought leadership that is presented through various articles, blogs, interviews, and make this a platform that can add value to your operations and business. I9Speak is powered by Vishwak Solutions, Inc. based in Redmond, WA ( 425-818 2181 ). For any queries, clarifications, or issues, feel free to write to editor@i9speak.com

People in insurance industry need insights into adoption of technology. In addition, they also need to know the experiences of their peers in the adoption of technology. For i9 Speak we have a clear focus of offering insights and experiences through articles, interviews, and analysis. Our promise is that we will remain a neutral and unbiased source of information.

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