arTree - Issue 12/2014

Publisher: arTree
Category: Children, Education
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Grow your kids creativity with arTree: art magazine for kids. Learn about famous artists and create art projects inspired by them. Explore art elements and techniques, conduct experiments and play games. arTree brings you exclusive interviews with emerging artists and provides tons of art ideas and inspiration for your child. All projects align with visual arts standards and are heavily tested by a lot of young artists.

Learn how people celebrate holidays all around the world: from Hanukkah and Christmas to Kwanzaa. Explore the traditions and create some of your own. Become a graphic designer for a day, just like Enrico Arno. Design a logo for Hanukkah, cover for a Christmas carol music CD and an invitation to a Kwanzaa feast. All this with the most basic art element of them all: a line. Unleash the power of a line with Federico Uribe. Use it to create shapes, texts and complex patterns. Or just like him, use it to make amazing and very complicated paintings. And remember not all lines are drawn on the paper! Decorate ornaments, weave an African-fabric-inspired place mat and build your own dreidel. In other words, bring creativity and new traditions to your already magical season!

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