The Mother's Heart - January/February 2019

Publisher: alWright Publishing
Category: Women's Interest, Parenting
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

In This Issue Garden Dreams Dream your Fuzzy Farm Cookies! Forgive Me! My Problems Garden Tools Drama, Drama, Drama Celebrating Other' Birthdays and much more . . .

The Mother's Heart Magazine is dedicated to serving and encouraging mothers in the many facets of staying at home and raising a family. It covers practical and heart issues of moms - and dads. The underlying theme is: FAMILY FIRST. There are columns on child raising, husband and wife relationships, herbal healthcare, and adoption. Regular features include crafts, educational helps, trusting God for family planning, pregnancy, infertility, protecting the family, preschoolers, garage sales, gardening, homeschooling, reading, medical health and scheduling. Plus Kym shares many of her household forms created to make life easier: children's measurement forms, library form, chore charts, homeschooling and more. Mark & Kym, the editors of The Mother's Heart Magazine, have 8 children (7 biological, and 1 adopted). They have a love for mothers who desire to stay home to raise their children, and for the husbands and daddies of these families. It thrills their hearts to see parents turning their hearts to the home. Their Mission is to 1) honor and obey God, 2) encourage mothers that it is okay, and godly to stay home and raise these little and big ones of His, and 3) encourage the daddies in their roles as bread-winner and family leader.

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