Vhcle Magazine - Vhcle Issue 05

Publisher: Vhcle Magazine
Category: Art
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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ISSUE 5 -- Featured Articles: Growing Old in a Young Man’s Game: Why Bands Shouldn’t Worry About Their Legacies, The Polarization of Our Political Dialog, Privacy, The VAT & Sales Tax Debacle: A Creative Reapproach & Espousal of ‘Nudged Thinking’, The Search for Simone Weil / Vhcle Reviews / Vhcle Man & Woman: Michael Hargis, Jen Wade / Featured Artist: The Photography Work of Baudouin / The Photography work of Joel Lee / Out of Line fashion by Beki Wilson / Artist Nigel Poor

We are a niche lifestyle magazine where both the written content and design equally matter. It will appeal to the astute minds of today, as well as to those that are aesthetically aware, and will speak into society’s varying lifestyles with perspectives that are beyond the normal intellect. We have a diverse group of readers, proportionately even in gender – some thinkers and some artists, some indie and some mainstream. But even amongst the diversity, all appreciate intelligent writing and quality aesthetics. Global readers with global interests, but who still understand and support the local needs and dynamics. With over 2.6 million readers, our global readership extends to more than 80 countries.

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