30 Days... Series - 30 Days Dry

Publisher: Thought Collection Publishing
Category: Culture, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Yearly

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The 30 Days... series challenges artists to write consecutively for 30 days on a specific area of study, reflection, or expertise. In return they would personally experience something amazing. The manuscripts in the 30 Days... series are all personal journeys that expand life perspectives. Join the publisher’s contact list to stay informed about projects and other books in this series at: eepurl.com/CuL35.

Expanding perspectives. In his first poetry collection, Robert Eric Shoemaker delves deeply into the darkest haven, a rift filled with addictions of harmful and placid varieties many are familiar with. Over the course of a month the writer’s attempts to remain sober and clean of all contaminants demonstrate an on-going internal battle, studded with triumphs and failures, moments of insight and moments of pain. Shoemaker’s language brims with the electrical quality of one on the edge, living as best one can under societal and artistic pressures, as well as personal demons. Shoemaker’s story and poetic voice are empathetic to the plight of multitudes. Sparkling with hope dipped in chaos, “30 Days Dry” proclaims with gusto the possibility of a future free of abuse. Thought Collection Publishing is an indie publisher supporting social change through our narrative nonfiction publications. Ten percent of sales from “30 Days Dry” goes to support the Howard Brown Health Center’s Recovering With Pride substance use group.Join the publisher’s contact list to stay informed about projects and other books in this series: eepurl.com/CuL35. Also visit www.thoughtcollection.org/30-days or www.reshoemaker.com for more information. All ebooks from Thought Collection Publishing are $2.99 because we believe in equal access to art and literature.

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