The Scenographer Magazine - August/September 2020

The Scenographer Magazine - August/September 2020

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Theatre director and Choreographer

Madia is one of the rare talents with this double gift, predestined to be a choreographer and director, whether it be ballet, operetta or in opera. What he presents is a theatre of pedigree, characterized by a refined aesthetic, not an empty aesthetic, an end in itself.
In this way, he proceeds with certainty through different times and styles, remaining faithful to himself and his creed: the theatre must appertain to the complexity of the human soul, of the individual who is the protagonist on stage or the spectator. Artificial sophistication is not his style. His directing is brimming with action, drawing from real life while cultivated by his 25 years of experience as a choreographer and director.

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THE SCENOGRAPHER launches a new collection of monographic issues on theatre design.
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