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Sports Life magazine offers what your favorite players and sports celebrities have to say. You will see no opinionated “smear” stories, or controversy-driven articles here. Our mission is to be a positive force in the world of sports media, while providing the world’s top athletes an outlet to tell their truths; to speak their minds. We will report only what they have to say, not the often jaded, “hidden-agenda” opinions of outsiders. Other magazines feature stories about athletes, only to cut them down to size. No wonder sports icons, who have human failings, are reluctant to talk to the media. Sports Life’s philosophy is to report only what is told to us directly from the “source.” We are dedicated to giving an inside look at the Pro Teams, Individuals life and career, our true sports heroes of today. We are a National & International subscription magazine with a rock-hard positive slant. We will have stories about overcoming obstacles, getting up of the mat so-to-speak, to reach the pinnacle of success, as well as in-depth interviews reported by our highly-experienced stable of writers and photographers. Sports Life will cover all of the top sports leagues from around the World. We will also hone in on the younger generation’s sports, In other words, all “extreme” sports will come into play on our pages.