SPLICKETY - March 2017

Publisher: Splickety Publishing Group
Category: Fiction, Entertainment
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

Splickety Magazine is your source for high-quality flash fiction in a variety of genres. If you like to read but don’t have time, try Splickety. You can enjoy our stories, always 1000 words or less, and get your flash fic fix without the time commitment of a novel.

We always like to snag a window seat when we're flying home. There’s something magical about seeing your hometown from the air—it’s so familiar, yet it feels new because you’re looking at it from a different perspective. That’s why we're so excited about Splickety’s Literary Time Warp issue. Each of these stories explores a piece of great literature from a fresh perspective. These are stories we know and love, from Shakespeare to Joseph Conrad and Charles Dickens to Faust. We trace their well-worn edges and feel at home, yet we experience them in an exciting, unique way when we transpose them into all-new settings. We hope they bring you as much delight as they’ve inspired in us.

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