Truth! - March 2015

Publisher: Soldier4Christ Ministries
Category: Religious & Spiritual, Young Adult
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

A magazine focusing on the truths of the King James Bible. It is the true word of God. It seems Christianity is drawing further and further away from the truth with all the corruption from the other counterfeit bibles. Be inspired, challenged, edified and strengthened in your faith. Grow through discipleship, by understanding the true doctrines of God and the misconceptions of the mainstream today. Understand why the King James Bible is the only true Word of God! Be educated on false doctrines, teachings, teachers, cults, and religions of the world!

CONTEXT! Are you SURE the scripture you are quoting is RIGHT? Discipleship 101: Baptism! What is the lineage of the King James Bible? Why is it so important to know where my Bible came from?

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