Heartfulness eMagazine - June 2019

Publisher: Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation
Category: Religious & Spiritual, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

In June we celebrate the power of prayer as a way of opening the heart to infinite possibilities and higher dimensions. Prayer can be the most evolutionary and revolutionary tool, and it connects us to the source of universal wisdom. We discover visual prayer through the doodles of Sybil MacBeth, and we also hear from Donna Cameron and Dr Ichak Adizes on gratitude. Robert Chilton is interviewed on preserving the ancient literature of Buddhism and Daaji continues his series of Yogic Psychology by exploring the mental afflictions known as Kleshas and how to be free of them.

Welcome to Heartfulness eMagazine, a monthly magazine in which we explore everything from self-development and health, relationships with family and friends, how to thrive in the workplace, to living in tune with nature. We also bring you inspiration from the lives of people who have made a difference to humanity over the ages. This magazine is brought to you by Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation, a non-profit organization. We also look forward to hearing from you. Send your letters and feedback to contributions@heartfulnessmagazine.org subscriptions@heartfulnessmagazine.org http://www.heartfulnessmagazine.org/subscriptions Heartfulness website: http://en.heartfulness.org/

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