Paradise Pets Magazine, Ketchikan, AK - Volume 3 Issue 4 October-November-December 2018

Publisher: Publish In Paradise
Category: Animals and Pets
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

This quarterly local magazine covers our pets in the paradise of Ketchikan, AK and vicinity--everything from pet care, natural pet health and care, pet events, where to go and what to do that is pet friendly in your local paradise and beyond.

In this issue: Being Proactive Can Help Your Pet Live Longer; Keep Up with Your Cat's Health; Tips for Welcoming a Feline to the Family; Special Needs Pets: Adopting a Heartworm-Positive Dog; Good Friends, Good Food: Dog Owners Dish on How Food Factors into Pet Bonding; Tips to Give Your Pet a Happy, Healthy Fall; Traveling With Pets? What to Know; Happy Birthday Chloe!....

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