Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine - September/October 2017

Publisher: Penny Publications, LLC
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly
Single issue $ 5.99 -
1 Year $ 35.99

Published since 1941, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine is America's oldest and most celebrated crime-fiction publication. "The best mystery magazine in the world, bar none," states Stephen King. Featured in its pages are short stories by the world’s leading writers of suspense. The full range of the genre is covered, from the cozy to the hardboiled, the historical to the contemporary—including police procedurals, P.I. stories, psychological suspense, locked-room and impossible-crime tales, classical whodunits, and urban noir. Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine is home to many bestselling authors, including Joyce Carol Oates, Chuck Hogan, Jan Burke, Lawrence Block, and Marcia Muller. Starting with its January/February 2017 issue, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine updated its annual subscription format to feature a total of 6 issues per year, all of them 192-page double issues. The new format allows for expanded articles and more special features, as well as greater editorial flexibility overall, and comes with no increase in the annual subscription price! Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine features 6 double issues each year.

Crime is a community affair in EQMM’s September/October 2017 issue, and members of the EQMM community won’t want to miss “Bunker Hill Blues,” the next installment in Paul D. Marks’s Readers Award winning series set in L.A., or “Phantomwise: 1972,” a haunting new tale by master Joyce Carol Oates. On a changing NYC block, in “e-Golem,” S.J. Rozan’s rare-book dealer finds a strange solution for his failing business, and Con Lehane’s undercover cop has an unexpected run-in with a woman from his Irish Bronx youth in “Come Back Paddy Reilly.” Jack Fredrickson deals with an infamous neighborhood fixture in “Crazy Margaret,” and a criminal couple wreak havoc in Brooklyn in “How She Got Even” by Peter Hochstein, featuring P.I. Rich Hovanec. It takes a village to help some of our characters: A police officer responds to an elderly woman’s call in Richard Helms’s “Missing Person,” an unsuspecting carjacker chooses a colorful target for conveyance in Michael Wiley’s “Making It,” and mothers make binding friendships while biding their time in a hospital’s infant special-care unit in Aoife Clifford’s “A Watched Pot.” Meanwhile, an unfaithful husband is roped into helping his neighbor in Philip Lowery’s suspenseful “Fishtown Lockup” and tragedy unfolds at a civic carnival in Iris Leister’s dark Passport to Crime tale “Matti.” For murder on the traditional side, enter the beachfront hamlet of Christianna Brand’s “Bank Holiday Murder,” or pass through the gates of Amsterdam’s Begijnhof in “A Woman’s Place” by Josh Pachter and Rene Appél.

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