Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine - January/February 2021Add to Favorites

Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine - January/February 2021Add to Favorites

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New year, new stories! We start 2021 with a look at an unusual living arrangement creating stresses on a relationship in “Mixed Marriage” by Dan Helms; then we have a hardboiled slice of fiction in which a protagonist with “a certain set of skills” sets out to discover who murdered a friend and mentor, even when doing so seems to run counter to “The Will of The Gods,” by Charles Q. Choi.
Our first fact article of the year gets into the nitty-gritty of one of the most ambitious projects humans can undertake: “Constructing a Habitable Planet” by Julie Novakova.
And of course we have an abundance of other stories, from the unequal relationship in Harry Turtledove’s “My Hypothetical Friend” to the complicated rebellion of Nick Wolven’s “The Liberator,” plus more from Norman Spinrad, Deborah L. Davitt, Raymund Eich, Jerry Oltion, Em Liu, and others, as well as all our regular columns.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine Description:

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Analog Science Fiction and Fact is a renowned magazine that combines captivating science fiction stories with scientific exploration. Established in 1930, it has become a premier publication for enthusiasts of imaginative storytelling and cutting-edge science. Each issue features thrilling narratives, futuristic technologies, and scientifically grounded articles, offering readers an immersive experience into the realms of science and fiction.

The magazine also features scientifically grounded articles, exploring the latest advancements in fields such as astrophysics, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Having consistently attracted some of the genre's most celebrated authors, Analog Science Fiction and Fact has been a launchpad for renowned writers such as Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, and Arthur C. Clarke.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the captivating world of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, where every issue transports you to extraordinary realms of possibility and challenges you to contemplate the wonders of the universe.

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