Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine - January/February 2020Add to Favorites

Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine - January/February 2020Add to Favorites

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Our next issue is really something special: it’s Analog’s 90th anniversary! We’ll be celebrating with treats and events throughout the whole year, but we kick off the anniversary issue proper with our lead story, “The Quest for the Great Grey Mossy,” by Harry Turtledove. It’s set in the same world as “Bonehunters” (May/June 2019) but you don’t need to have read that to appreciate this—most of you will recognize the famous tale it riffs on right away, but you’ll also quickly see it’s more than just homage.

Then we have something unusual for Analog: a retrospective of a classic Analog story from decades past, along with the story itself. Our initial offering is also the most recent (and just past the twentieth anniversary of its appearance in these pages): the Hugo—and Nebula-nominated “The Astronaut From Wyoming,” by Jerry Oltion and Adam-Troy Castro.

We’ll also have two fact articles, one from Alec Nevala-Lee and Ed Wysocki, looking at John W. Campbell’s various technological interests and inventions, “Making Waves”; and a Science Behind the Story feature from Eric Choi, based on “The Greatest Day,” his alternate-history tale in the same issue.

Then we have tons of top-shelf fiction, like “Wheel of Echoes,” by Sean McMullen, in which an undiscovered historical artifact changes how we see a major literary figure as well as what we think we know about historical technology, and plenty more terrific tales besides, from Jay Werkheiser, Doug Dluzen, C. Stuart Hardwick, Sarina Dorie, Ian Randal Strock, Joel Richards Fruchtman, Izzy Wasserstein, Matthew Claxton, Richard A. Lovett, Andrew Ward, Wendy Nikel, Rachel Rodman, and Gregor Hartmann, as well as plentiful poems and all our regular columns.

And be on the lookout over the rest of the year for more special features, including more retrospectives, a serial, and lots of especially great content that you don’t want to miss.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine Description:

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Analog Science Fiction and Fact is a renowned magazine that combines captivating science fiction stories with scientific exploration. Established in 1930, it has become a premier publication for enthusiasts of imaginative storytelling and cutting-edge science. Each issue features thrilling narratives, futuristic technologies, and scientifically grounded articles, offering readers an immersive experience into the realms of science and fiction.

The magazine also features scientifically grounded articles, exploring the latest advancements in fields such as astrophysics, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Having consistently attracted some of the genre's most celebrated authors, Analog Science Fiction and Fact has been a launchpad for renowned writers such as Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, and Arthur C. Clarke.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the captivating world of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, where every issue transports you to extraordinary realms of possibility and challenges you to contemplate the wonders of the universe.

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