Analog Science Fiction and Fact - December 2016

Publisher: Penny Publications, LLC
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly
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Published since 1930, Analog Science Fiction and Fact is one of the most enduring and popular magazines of science fiction. Its editorial emphasis is on realistic stories that reflect high standards of scientific accuracy and imagination with lively articles about current research on the frontiers of real science. A recurrent theme in both fiction and provocative opinion columns is the human impact of science and technology. Analog has won numerous Nebula, Hugo, and other awards acknowledging it as a leading periodical in the field. Analog is home to many bestselling authors, including Robert J. Sawyer, Michael F. Flynn, Stephen Baxter, Catherine Asaro, and Harry Turtledove, Joe Haldeman and Ben Bova. Analog Science Fiction and Fact features 12 issues (8 single issues and 2 double issues).

The December issue, naturally, has a multitude of potent stories: We see that sometimes even the best of friends can grow apart, in “Prodigal,” by Gord Sellar; and sometimes the only way out of a bad situation is up, in “Jewels from the Sky,” by Brendan DoBois; that “with great power, comes great responsibility” isn’t just for Spider-Man—it’s also vital “In Boonker’s Room,” by Eliot Fintushel; we’re reminded that technology, like any tool, is what you make of it, in Crowdfinding,” by Eric James Stone; and yet, a biological process may not always limited to biological entities, in “Evolution,” by James Glass; sometimes the harsh life of colonists leads to equally harsh choices in “Like the Deadly Hands,” by Nisi Shawl; James Van Pelt makes a nod to the old serials (without featuring the actual character) in “The Continuing Saga of Tom Corbett: Space Cadet”; and we engage in a little deep space espionage in “Black Orbit” by Martin Shoemaker.

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