Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine - Issue 82

Publisher: PINGZINE
Category: Technology, Business
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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The Industry’s Most Respected and Widely Read Web Hosting Magazine! Celebrating over Ten Years… Ping! Zine is the Industry’s Premier Voice for both Service Providers and End Users. Since 2002, Ping! Zine has been offering an exciting and entertaining magazine about the Internet, Technology and Web Hosting Industry. Ping! Zine offers Informative stories and articles for your business, Investigative Reports in the Internet Technology Industry, Information that keeps you Competitive, How-To’s in Security & Server Maintenance and Lots of General FUN. Ping! Zine features a diverse range of technical and practical articles in each issue. We also provide an archive of all past issues on our website. Whether you want to enjoy the convenience of surfing through the articles while on-line or sitting in your favorite chair reading the latest issues, Ping! Zine is available for you.

Cyber Security Expert Examines Dire Threats to our Internet Security and What We Need Do About It With 90 million-plus breaches per year, and close to 400 new threats every minute, cyber-security attacks are fast becoming one of the top threats to the security, well-being and livelihood of individuals and companies around the world. Cyber-security expert Steve King, Chief Security and Operating Officer of Netswitch Technology Management, Inc., one of the top Internet security management companies in the world, says the threat is not only real, but it's only getting worse and is here to stay. “Cyber-attackers are leap-frogging corporate defenses, malware authors have figured out clever and sophisticated tricks to avoid detection, ransomware attacks have soared 113% since 2014, social networks and new mobile apps are enabling cybercriminals, who are moving faster as corporate defenses lag behind, and predicted future attacks on the Internet are more serious than ever,” says King, who has 30 years of experience in computer data security. “The facts are that as long as you’re connected to the Internet, you will likely become a victim of a cyber-attack.” But King cautions that it's not all doom-and-gloom or time to give up and get off the grid. Although not a guarantee, there are ways to protect yourself and your company from falling victim to cyber attacks, says King, but it takes diligence, awareness and adopting a multi-layered defense strategy.

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