Philippines Ink International - Michaella Recto Tattoo Tourism, Lifestyle & Culture Special Edition.

Publisher: Kareem Antonio & Company, US LLC
Category: Business, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly
Single issue $ 2.99 -

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Philippines INK International Tattoo Tourism, Lifestyle & Culture Magazine showcases over 500 Philippine artists, shops,suppliers, events and hot spots. IN THIS ISSUE: PH Tattoo Industry Investment Insights from a foreigner perspective. The Next Issue Sneak Peak Rachel Lobangco SiBOOM Hot Mamma PIN-UP. Meet PH INK MASTER Kevin Capus and On-The-Set at the MASTERS. American published, but, printed in the Philippines, PH INK MAG is the #1 source for PH tattoo industry investment insights, best-of-the-best artists, kool events, PH INK Master 100, TOP 10 and PH Masters. allows fans to view, connect, browse, book & pay for their next tattoo prior to even buying their plane ticket.

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